By a 1994 law (Holocaust Education Bill), there is a subject called Holocaust in Florida public schools, by which the racist atrocities that occurred in Europe against the Jewish people are studied. In 2020, Governor Ron DeSantis signed another law requiring all schools to certify that they are teaching new generations about the Holocaust. At that time, the congressmen of the Afro community managed to include in the programs the mention of the Ocoee Massacre, where more than 30 black people were murdered in 1920, which, to understand the endemic racism and social injustices, comes to be like explaining the human body by its shadow. 

By another law, since 2022, in those same high schools in Florida, it is prohibited to openly discuss the racist history of the United States. The reason is, according to Governor Ron DeSantis, that “No one should be instructed to feel as if they are not equal or shamed because of their race (…) In Florida, we will not let the far-left woke agenda take over our schools and workplaces. There is no place for indoctrination or discrimination in Florida.” 

If that is not talked about, that does not exist. On this side of the Atlantic, racism does not exist and never did. 

The same slave owners who defined millions of slaves (the basis of the country’s prosperity) as “private property” based on their skin color, called that system the “blessing of slavery,” which they wanted to “expand throughout the world” to “fight for freedom” while calling their system of government “democracy” (Brown, 1858). 

The same ones who robbed and exterminated native peoples much more democratic and civilized than the new gold rush nation before the gold rush called it “self-defense” against “unprovoked attacks” by savages (Jackson, 1833; Wayne, 1972). 

The same ones who invented the independence of Texas to reinstate slavery and then the war against Mexico to appropriate half of its territory, the same ones who killed and raped women in front of their children and husbands, did so by the unquestionable design of “Manifest destiny” of God (Scott, 1846). 

The same ones who practiced the sport of killing blacks in the Philippines did so to fulfill “The White Man’s Burden” of civilizing the world (Kipling, 1899). 

The same ones that invaded, corrupted, and plagued Latin America with banana republics, destroyed democracies and planted dozens and dozens of bloody dictatorships, did so to fight for freedom and democracy (Beveridge, 1900; Washington Post, 1920; CIA, XXX). 

The same ones who rained Asia with atomic bombs, millions of more beneficial bombs without a year of truce, chemical agents on millions of human beings and left thousands dead wherever they passed, called this extreme exercise of racism “heroic victory”, even when they were humiliating defeats (Johnson, 1964; Bush, 2003). 

But you can’t talk about that because it can offend someone with white skin who feels identified with all those champions of freedom, democracy, and divine justice. 

As a popular song to recruit volunteers for the invented war against Mexico said: 

Justice is our motto 

our country, always right (Pratt, 1847). 

Not by chance, every time these groups of fanatics felt that their privileges were threatened by the never accepted equity, they invented theories of self-victimization, such as the “white extermination” theory, articulated in the 19th century to justify colonialism and oppression of non-Caucasian peoples (Pearson, 1893) and has now been reborn as a novelty as the “Replacement Theory” that criminalizes immigrants from non-European countries as “dangerous invaders” (Camus, 2010). 

Not by chance, Adolf Hitler was inspired by the then institutionalized racism of the American far-right that indoctrinated millions of people to feel superior because of their skin color and millions of others to accept their inferiority for the same reason (Grant, 1916). 

Not coincidentally, Hitler awarded America’s great businessmen and forbade the teaching of “leftist stuff” in public education. Before persecuting and killing Jews, in 1933 he closed the famous Bauhaus school for being full of “anti-Germans” and being a “refuge for leftists” who wanted to question and change history. 

In Florida and throughout the country, education systems should start with a subject called “Patriotic Hypocrisy” to develop some of the intellectual capacity to face historical reality without sugar coating it and without the fantasies of Hollywood, Disney World, the Ku Klux Klan, and other sects. 

We are not responsible for our ancestors’ crimes, but we assume them as our own when we deny or justify them. We are responsible for the crimes and injustices that are committed today thanks to the denial of reality that, not without fanaticism, we call patriotism. A criminal and racist denialism, since, once again, it denies justice and the basic right to the truth of the victims so as not to disturb the sensibilities of others, the dominant group for more than two centuries, the one that insists on the strategy of complacency and self-victimization to calm their frustrations and foundational hatred. Even worse when that right to truth has been curtailed by laws and a culture full of taboos, all in the name of a democracy that hinders them and they use it, as it was used by the demagogues of ancient Athenian Democracy to demonize and then execute Socrates for question too much. Everything legally, needless to say, until the laws are written by others. 

What greater indoctrination than denialism or the prohibition of revising history? What more indoctrination than imposing complicit silence or a “patriotic history” in schools, replete with myths created post factum and without documentary support? 

Jorge Majfud 

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