Fascism does not tolerate academic freedom

Florida bill would allow students to record professors to show political bias. The bill, which is awaiting the signature of the governor, seems to align with the position of rightwing student activist groups https://www.theguardian.com/…/florida-bill-record…

exactly what president, capitan and fascist Brasilian president recomended in Brazil, a few years ago.

i personally don’t care whether students record my class for ideological reasons since i am open to debate every single detail of what we teach at colleges and in my own class (particularly in my International Studies classes on Latin America). actually, i think this country needs a profound debate to revise its own sugar-coated history. what i worry about is the fascist culture that always begun the same way throughout history: pressing scholars and (real) dissidents to self-censure themselves in order to avoid problems or retaliation. the attack on tenure is part of the same logic. another detail is the Florida law, which prohibits anyone from recording someone else without their consent.

Excerpt from the book La frontera salvaje (The Wild Frontier) to be published soon:

Student: «My Cuban grandfather worked for the CIA and right now he is on the phone following your class.»

Professor (author of this book): “What an honor. In order not to leave it as an illegal act, I am going to give him permission to do what he is doing. If he finds that I have said something that cannot be proven, I will be infinitely grateful if he reports it to the class and his bosses. The history of Latin America repeats itself a lot, so I’m always looking for something new, something that surprises me, something that I never find ”.

Jacksonville University, one fall afternoon in 2019.

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