The Routledge History of Latin American Culture

The Routledge History of Latin American Culture (Hardback) book cover

Edited by Carlos Manuel Salomon

© 2018 – Routledge

380 pages

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pub: 2017-12-27

Table of Contents



Introduction: Cultura en Llamas – Carlos Manuel Salomon

1. Indigenous Cosmology and Spanish Conquest – Jorge Majfud

2. Andean Identity and Historical Agency – Javier F. Marion

3. The Trajectory of the African Michelina: Identities, Slavery, and Post-Abolition at the Parish of Nossa Senhora do Pilar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Nielson Rosa Bezerra

4. Caste, Race, and the Formation of Latin American Cultural Imaginaries – Laura Ines Catelli

5. African Flavor in Latin American Music – Umi Vaughan

6. The Politics of Enunciation: Indigenista and Contemporary Indigenous Literatures – Gloria E. Chacón

7. Resistances in Caribbean Literature (the 1930s to the Present) – Yolanda Martínez-San Miguel

8. Art, Revolution, and Indigenous Subjects – Tatiana Flores

9. Chicano/a Latino/a Studies in Mexico (History and Evolution) Academy, Literature, Art, Theater, and Cultural Practices – María del Socorro Gutiérrez Magallanes

10. New Latin American Revolutionary Cinema – Silvia Alvarez Olarra

11. Amerindian Foodways of the Other Borderlands – Enrique Salmon

12. Popular and Rural Schooling in Modern Latin America – G. Antonio Espinoza and Andrae Marak

13. Political Cultures of Social Movements – Magalí Rabasa

14. The Mapuche and «El Compañero Allende»: A Legacy of Social Justice, Historical Contradictions, and Cultural Debates – Rosamel Millaman

15. Catholic Social Movements Face Modernity – Miranda Lida

16. The Energetic Body: Machines, Organisms, and Social Thermodynamics in Colombia’s Path to Modernity – Stefan Pohl-Valero

17. Feminism in the Southern Cone: The Periodical Press for and by Women – Claudia Montero

18. Feminisms, Gender, and Indigenous Women in Latin America – Astrid Ulloa

19. The Feminist Debate in Mexico – Gabriela Cano

20. Cultural Identity in Latin America: Toward a Cooperative Understanding of our Past – Carlos Manuel Salomon, with Laura Inés Catelli, Jorge Majfud, Paloma Martínez Cruz, Magali Rabasa, Enrique Salmon, Umi Vaughan, and Gloria E. Chacón

21. Migrant Transnational Engagements 2000–2015 – Xóchitl Bada

22. Ancestral Wells of Love and Belonging: For Breath to Return to Love – Ana Clarissa Rosada Durado

23. The Intimate Life of the Pocha: A Genealogy of the Self-Ironic Turn in Chican@ Culture – Paloma Martínez Cruz

24. Queen of las Fiestas Patrias and Other Stories: Oral History, Memory, and Latinx Culture – Carlos Manuel Salomon

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