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Progressive Grassroots Alliance Uniting America Tour (Don Ford and Matt Killen)

For the past few weeks, we have been planning a multi-state tour to meet with Grassroots leaders all around the country and assist them in their various efforts while making a Documentary using the contacts we have developed through not only our delegates but the various Executive Branches to show their perspectives without filter.

We are in a rare space of history between the Conventions and the General Election where no one is really sure what is going to happen. Independents and Progressive Democrats are equal parts inspired and confused, but the general consensus is that we have to keep the momentum going and find a way to keep people inspired.

We are both going to create a Hub for Activism by going directly to these grassroots programs strategizing with them, while at the same time capturing the current perspective of both sides of not only democratic delegates but all sides of the multi-party process.

We will be updating and sharing clips of the upcoming documentary along the way. We want you all to see how your neighbor states are uniting to not only encourage one another but also to bounce your ideas state to state to help further the movement. 

The current goal is for the first leg of our trip beginning today. Don Ford and Matt Killen are on the road and headed your way.  Don Ford or Katie Tillman will be contacting you for your states visit if we have not already. 

Expected Expenses: Food, Lodging, Gas, and Supplies
We are not looking to line our pockets and understand money is tight for everyone these days.  Our goal is to locate angel donors to complete our trip and have the sale of the documentary fund the continued organizing efforts. 

Now is not the time to give up! Now is the time to regroup and gather for the elections happening now.

Whether it’s a share or a donation, we appreciate your support.
In solidarity,
Progressive Grassroots Alliance

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