Peru tomb find could shed light on Inca origins

tumbas wari

Nine tombs from prehispanic Wari people found * Wari culture seen influencing Inca civilization LIMA (Reuters)

The discovery of nine tombs in Peru from the prehispanic Wari civilization could shed new light into the origins of the the mighty Inca empire, the Peruvian government said Thursday. The finding in the southern Cusco region suggests the Wari, who flourished in the Peruvian Andes between 700 and 1200 AD, may have controlled areas where the Inca empire later flourished, said Juan Ossio, Peru’s minister of culture. «The Incas could have been inspired by the Wari culture, enabling them to develop their entire political system,» Ossio told local radio. The Inca built the largest empire in the New World between 1400 and 1532 AD, when Spanish conquistadors seized control of their territory, pushing them to take final refuge in the Vilcabamba district in Cusco, where the tombs were found. The tombs show the Wari also inhabited the thick jungles of Vilcabamba and possibly inspired the political structure of the elaborate Inca empire, Ossio said. The remains of a Wari noble with a silver breastplate is the prize of the find. Archeologists have dubbed the noble the »The Lord of Vilca» in reference to the Lord of Sipan, an intact third century mummy found in northern Peru in 1987. «This is the most important discovery we’ve had in recent years — perhaps since Machu Picchu,» said Juan Garcia, regional culture director of Cusco, referring to the Incan citadel that draws some 500,000 visitors per year.

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