United Nations Pay Tribute to Author Eduardo Galeano


 26th May, 2015,  New York, NY, USA

On the 26th of May 2015, The United Nations paid tribute to writer Eduardo Galeano in its conference room.


 Naciones Unidas Homenaje a Galeano

 Those participating in the event included Fernando Carrera, the Ambassador of Guatemala, Susana Malcorra, Chief of Staff of the UN Secretary General, Uruguay’s Ambassador to the UN, Gonzalo Koncke, Ambassador of Argentina, María Cristina Perceval, and Acting President of the General Assembly, Denis Antoine.

 Panelists who were responsible for the presentations were Australian Ari Gaitanis, Head of the Public Information Unit at the UN, Spanish journalist Grace Augustine, the Colombian writer Norman Valencia, and Uruguayan writer and Jacksonville University professor, Jorge Majfud. Gaitanis referred to his discovery of Latin America through García Márquez, Octavio Paz and Eduardo Galeano. Augustine recalled various moments in the work of Galeano, while Majfud analyzed modern utopias and their relationship with the Amerindian cosmology.

Following the comments of ambassadors from different Latin American countries, the tribute ended with the participation of the Uruguayan bandoneon player, Raul Jaurena.

Source http://www.pressreleaseservice.co.uk/eduardo-galeano/4589529677 


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