Jorge Majfud visits WCU

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Jorge Majfud visits WCU

 Humanities at WCU

Renowned author and scholar Jorge Majfud, professor of Latin American Literature and International Studies at Jacksonville University (Jacksonville, FL), visited campus last week. He participated in a couple of events coordinated by Alberto Centeno-Pulido, Assistant Professor of Spanish in our department. Dr. Majfud also interacted with students in two classes (WCU Spanish thanks Paul Worley – English Department – for allowing Jorge to visit one of his classes).

In the first event, Dr. Benjamin Francis-Fallon (History) joined Jorge Majfud in a panel about immigration and the Latino Vote.

Moment of the Latino Vote panel


The following day, Jorge Majfud joined Alberto Centeno-Pulido on stage at the UC Theater for an hour-long conversation about several topics, ranging from the spread of fake news to the role of intellectuals in public life. The interview and subsequent Q&A was video recorded and will soon be made available online.

a moment of the event


Dr. Centeno-Pulido wishes to thank the Department of World Languages (and especially its Administrative Assistant, Ms. Melissa Allen) for the funding and logistics support. The Campus Theme committee, the Latinx Learning Community, the Vice-Chancellor for Student Success office, and the Humanities Initiative also funded the visit of Jorge Majfud to our campus, and we thank them for their support.


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