Cesar Chavez: Robert Kennedy questions Kern County Sherif in 1966

Uno de los momentos más significativos de la historia de los trabajadores en Estados Unidos y del modus operandi del poder a lo largo de la historia de la humanidad.

Sheriff: Well, if we have reason to believe there’s going to be a riot started, somebody tells me there’s going to be trouble if you don’t stop them, then its my duty to stop them.

RFK: You go out there and arrest them?

Sheriff: Absolutely.

RFK: Who told you that they were going to riot?

Sheriff: The men right out in the field that they were talking to said if you don’t get them out of here we’re going to cut their hearts out. So rather than letting them get cut you remove the cause.

RFK: This is a most interesting concept, I think, that you suddenly hear talk about that somebody makes a report about somebody’s going to get out of order, perhaps violate the law, and you go in and arrest them, and they haven’t done anything wrong. How do you go arrest somebody if they haven’t violated the law?

Sheriff: They are ready to violate the law,in other words… just like these labor people out here…

RFK: Could I suggest in the interim period of time, in the luncheon period of time, that the sheriff and the district attorney read the Constitution of the United States.

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