Eternal return of the Nazis

Like a century ago, the Nazis continue to gain ground based on their own frustrations. Frustrations, not only for realizing, alarmed, that they are not a superior race but only pathologies of evolution. Frustrations, not to notice but to feel the inevitable decline in well-being that arises from the loss of vampiric power, that power enjoyed by all empires that call themselves civilized, developed, clean, orderly, peaceful, while they export their crimes and miseries to other corners of the planet in the name of civilization, progress, peace, and freedom.

We still don’t know if it will take another total war, like World War II, for all that human scum to go back where they belong, that is, to their private sewers, for another hundred years.

Nazism is not just an ideological issue. It is a deep and chronic moral illness with different names and with the ability to seduce even its own victims before sending them to concentration camps or before dropping two atomic bombs on them for being disobedient.

Fascism is like that. It has always been this way, and it will never, ever change. It doesn’t matter how pretty he looks, with his blue eyes and his phobia of personal hygiene.

JM. May 2022

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