‘The Wild Frontier’ By Jorge Majfud Shares Tales From The Remarkable Past

Written by the prolific author Jorge Majfud with lucidity and courage, the book ‘The Wild Frontier’ explores in detail the various unsubtle ways in which for over two hundred years the United States has wanted to influence the destiny of Latin America. The book takes the readers through a journey that comprises of the most important events of the past two hundred years during which there was an expansion of the thirteen colonies over the indigenous nations, including the territory that is now called Latin America. It also reveals the logic behind the endless wars, its expansion, and its systematic interventions both direct and secret amongst the various people in the South. The military practices that were based on the economic interest of those above on religious extremism and racism inculcated amongst those who are below, marked the beginning and also the extension of Washington’s imperialism over the rest of the world. The book widely upholds the mysteries that remain engraved in the deep past, explains its present, and intricately predicts the future of the world’s greatest economic and military power.

Glenda Bozeman



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