Open Letter to Iran’s Government



This letter is in regard to the lamentable current circumstances of the Bahá’í religious community in Iran, which with 300,000 adherents represents by far the nation’s largest minority group. Notwithstanding, the Iranian authorities have denied official recognition to the Bahá’í Faith, therefore effectively depriving Bahá’ís of their civil rights.

As a result, the Bahá’ís have suffered persecution at the hands of that country’s revolutionary theocratic regime for over a quarter of a century. Since the late 1970s, at least 200 Bahá’ís have been put to death in Iran as a consequence of their religious beliefs.

During the last several years, the national government, wishing to avoid the displeasure of international opinion, has largely refrained from openly attacking the Bahá’ís, yet has nevertheless continued its persecution through more covert means. One method employed by those in power has been to deny Bahá’ís access to higher education.

Although Iran may insist that Bahá’ís are free to attend college, they are in effect obliged to deny their faith in order to gain admission. Therefore, at the present time Bahá’ís are not enrolled at any Iranian university, since denial of one’s faith is, according to Bahá’í teachings, wholly unacceptable.

I trust that you will concern yourself with this pressing matter and bring it to the attention of others such as yourself who are in a position of influence.

I am not a Bahá’í. However, by simple virtue of membership in the human race, I demand respect for Human Rights.

Jorge Majfud




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